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Supporting you to and your dog to achieve positive long term outcomes

Whether it's getting started right with your new puppy, working on training issues, changing unwanted behaviour, learning new behaviours or sending your dog out on a small group adventure, we can help you.

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At Home 1:1

We cover important topics, tools and techniques on how to raise a well socialised, resilient, calm and happy puppy. You'll learn the fundamentals in a practical and fun way and gain the knowledge to build more solid, reliable behaviours in those more distracting places

Each week we we discuss any concerns specific to you and your puppy, troubleshooting any training blocks. We teach you how to train your puppy to do more of what you want and less of what you don't want.


Positive solutions for behaviour change

Your dog's history, behaviour and goals are evaluated in an initial assessment, then together we can start putting in place the best strategies for you and your dog. This is either in-person or via Zoom.

Leave your frustrations behind as we help you address those annoying behaviours such as leash walking, recall, jumping up, leash reactivity, resource guarding and more.

You can either be fully coached and supported with training your dog; or we can train your dog at home or a suitable location to accelerate learning and take some pressure off you.

Image by Reed  Shepherd


Physical, Mental and Social Outings

Send Fido on a fun, enriching adventure in parks, bush trails and beaches around Auckland's North Shore.

Your dog is matched with a specially selected group of compatible friends (max 5) to ensure they get the right sort of physical, mental and social adventure.

See our behaviour training page if you need help with recall or leash walking, before your dog is ready to join a group walk.

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