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North Shore, Auckland City and Virtual

Whether you have a new puppy, a recently adopted dog, your dog has some frustrating or problematic behaviours, or you're concerned about their anxiety, fear or reactivity, we can work with you to create positive outcomes for you and your dog, improving your relationship and wellbeing.
Training and personalised walks are tailored to meet your dog's training, physical, mental and social needs.

Image by Joe Caione


Private training in your home

Do you want a resilient, calm and happy puppy? Building a safe and secure relationship together is the best foundation for training good behaviour You'll discover how to get puppy to pay attention to you and make learning an enjoyable experience. At the end you'll understand how to manage and develop reliable behaviours as your puppy grows up, even when there's plenty of competing distractions!

Each week you can raise any concerns specific to you and your puppy and we'll troubleshoot any training blocks. We teach you how to train your puppy to do more of what you want and less of what you don't want.


Positive solutions for behaviour change

Your dog's history, behaviour, along with your lifestyle and goals are discussed and evaluated in an initial assessment. Together we start putting in place using the best strategies for you and your dog. This is either in-person or via video call, depending on the issues and location.

Leave your frustrations behind as we help you address those annoying behaviours such as leash walking, recall and jumping up.
We can also support you with working through more complex behavioural problems such as leash reactivity, resource guarding and more.

We offer both coaching to help with training your dog and, where appropriate, training solely with your dog to accelerate learning and take some pressure off you.

Focused Dog by Reed  Shepherd
Dog Stay on Group Walk


Single Household and Small Group Walks

A personalized approach to walking prioritizes your dog's comfort and well-being. Whether your dog struggles with social interactions, requires careful management due to reactivity, anxiety, injury, scavenging or simply prefers individual attention, they'll have a safe and enriching experience designed to meet their physical, mental, emotional and social needs. Your dog will be in a nurturing environment where they can express natural behaviours and be positively reinforcement for all the good stuff!


Dogs are initially walked solo and, where suitable, may later be paired with 1 - 3 other specially selected compatible companions.

 Explore our Behaviour Training page for assistance with leash walking, coming when called and other training needs.

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