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North Shore and nearby Auckland City Suburbs

Training Walks available for those who need some extra help with training their dog,
such as leash walking, recall, and leash reactivity.
Personalised walks are also available for dogs who prefer or need special attention.
Initial walks are always solo and may lead to small group walks were appropriate.

Obedient Dog Sit Leash Walking


Following an Initial Assessment or completion of our Puppy Program, we'll develop a personalised and flexible plan together and help progress your training.

We come to your place and work on your training goals either at/from your home, or take your dog to a suitable location.

Session times are minimum 1 hour and we recommend longer sessions for off-site training to allow for travel time.

Rates From $90 per hour


Tailoring walks to your dog's unique needs is our priority. Whether selective, prefer space, struggle to cope with other dogs, have physical limitations or just specific preferences, we ensure a safe, enriching experience with appropriate outlets for their natural behaviours.
Our focus is on meeting your dog's physical, mental, emotional and social needs during every outing.

Many dogs don't enjoy or need to be packed into close proximity with large numbers of dogs, but neither do we want them running riotously out of control. Your dog is initially walked solo or with other household dogs and may later be paired with limited 
compatible companions.

Your furry friend deserves the right kind of personal
 care and attention.

For help with leash walking, coming when called, foundation behaviours or other problems, please refer to our Behaviour Training Services.

$65 - Weekly Walk (75-90 mins)*
$25 - Meet 'n Greet (30-45 mins)

*$35 for additional dogs from the same household

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