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Hello, I'm Angie, owner and founder of Fido and Friends - thanks for dropping by!

In 2004, my world changed when my first puppy, Ella, arrived. My life has always been filled with cats and other animal friends, each leaving lasting impressions and cherished memories.

From a young age, I dreamed of sharing my life with a loyal canine companion. So, when the time was right, I researched dog breeds to find the perfect fit for my lifestyle.

The arrival of Ella was transformative in a good way, but it was also a reality check, revealing my naivety about puppy raising. The knowledge and experience I've since gained, inspires me to support other puppy owners through the challenges they face.

In 2017, after valuable learning and volunteering with rescued dogs, Fido and Friends came into being. It started as a boutique service offering individual and small group dog walking, with basic manners training included. The joy I saw in dogs and clients fuelled my passion to learn more.

I've immersed myself in the world of dog behaviour through books, blogs, podcasts, videos, webinars, workshops, conferences and courses by top trainers. Studying and learning never stops. I embrace Fear/Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement, and LIMA principles, which align with my ethics and values. Research and real life shows we don't need punishment to train any animal.

In 2020, under the guidance and encouragement of my wonderful mentors at ThinkDog, I expanded Fido and Friends to include puppy and dog behaviour training.

I'm dedicated to taking a holistic and compassionate approach in every interaction with both human and non-human animals.

Fido and Friends are committed to enhancing the lives of both humans and their canine companions with positive long term outcomes.

About My Dogs

The gift of our animals.

Ella, my first dog, was beautiful natured, patient, gentle and full of joy. She was my heart and soul dog. She altered the course of my life, teaching me about unconditional love. My heart was broken when she earned her angel wings in 2019 but she left so many precious memories to smile about.

I now share my life with Scout (pictured above), who arrived at 18 months and has challenging behavioural issues, manifesting as generalised resource guarding. Building trust and safety are essential to behaviour change. It's work in progress that can have it's tough days, but we're on a good trajectory. He is a great teacher as I continue to learn about dogs emotions, behaviour and the many facets of training.

It's not about the destination, but the journey. Our perspective or perceived destination changes as we reframe our expectations, so we reassess, regroup, and adjust our path accordingly.

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Animal Training Academy Member

Janet Findlay - Reframing Reactivity 

Canine School of Science - Behaviour Bible

Canine School of Science - Scent for Six

Glasgow Dog Trainer - Dealing with aggression and reactivity in dogs

Susan Garrett - Recallers


Behaviour Works: Dr. S Friedman - Living and Learning with Animals

Karen Pryor Academy - Dog Trainer Foundations

Canine School of Science - Puppy Lab

Canine School of Science - 30 Days of Canine Science

K9 Education - Certificate in Dog Walking

PetTech/PFAT - Certificate in Pet First Aid & Senior Care


With leading international dog training and behaviour specialists

Lemonade Conference with FDSA & IAABC (2021)

International Dog Trainers Winter Summit (2020)

Aggression in Dogs (2020, 2021)

Association Professional Dog Trainers NZ (APDTNZ): 2016 - 2019


Reactivity Roots and Responses (Kiwi Vet Behaviour)

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy:

  • Real Life Skills for Performance Dogs (Hannah Branigan)

  • Shoot the Dog (Photography - Amy Johnson)

  • The Play Way (Amy Cook)

ThinkDog Mentorship

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