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My name is Angie and I'm the founder and director of Fido and Friends.

It all started in 2004 when I was finally ready to (somewhat) "settle down" and became a committed guardian to my first puppy, Ella.

There's only been a short few years when I haven't had a cat (and other animals as a kid) in my life. I've loved them all dearly and mourned their passing.

However since I was a child, I dreamed of also sharing my life with a dog.

I did the research about the breed of dog I felt suited me and my lifestyle best, but confess, I was hugely naive about what raising a puppy entailed. I only wish I knew then what I do now - that's a big inspiration to help other new puppy owners.

I didn't know then that a dog would change my life... for the better! 

In 2017, after 2 years volunteering with rescued and rehomed dogs, I launched Fido and Friends.

I had already started reading loads of great books, blogs and watching videos from top trainers. I learnt about canine body language, learning, behaviour, training - and terms you might see around, like Force Free, Positive Reinforcement and LIMA.

Initally I offered a personalised dog walking service with some basic behaviour training included. I loved helping clients and their dogs! 

In 2020, having completed a number of courses, workshops, webinars and atttended several conferences, my mentors (ThinkDog in NZ) supported me in launching my puppy and dog training services. The learning never stops, so be assured I'm committed to the finding the best solutions for you and your puppy or dog.

I like to think that animals come into our life bearing gifts.

My first dog, Ella was a beautiful tolerant soul, who shifted my focus in life and taught me about unconditional love. I loved her deeply and grieved just as deeply when she passed away in 2019. 

My current dog, Scout (pictured above) was rehomed to me at 18 mths old and has some serious agression issues around resources (food, locations, objects) he values, along with a deep suspicion of many things. Together we are both learning and working on trust. 

Let kindness be at the forefront of our interactions with all human and non-human animals, no matter the challenges we face together.

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Animal Training Academy Member

Janet Findlay - Reframing Reactivity 

Canine School of Science - Behaviour Bible

Canine School of Science - Scent for Six

Glasgow Dog Trainer - Dealing with aggression and reactivity in dogs

Susan Garrett - Recallers


Behaviour Works: Dr. S Friedman - Living and Learning with Animals

Karen Pryor Academy - Dog Trainer Foundations

Canine School of Science - Puppy Lab

Canine School of Science - 30 Days of Canine Science

K9 Education - Certificate in Dog Walking

PetTech/PFAT - Certificate in Pet First Aid & Senior Care


With leading international dog training and behaviour specialists

Lemonade Conference with FDSA & IAABC (2021)

International Dog Trainers Winter Summit (2020)

Aggression in Dogs (2020, 2021)

Association Professional Dog Trainers NZ (APDTNZ): 2016 - 2019


Reactivity Roots and Responses (Kiwi Vet Behaviour)

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy:

  • Real Life Skills for Performance Dogs (Hannah Branigan)

  • Shoot the Dog (Photography - Amy Johnson)

  • The Play Way (Amy Cook)

ThinkDog Mentorship

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