Supporting you and your dog to achieve positive long-term solutions.

Leave your frustrations behind as we help you address those annoying behaviours such as leash walking, recall, jumping up, barking, leash reactivity, resource guarding and more.

We use ethical, gentle, kind training techniques and tools to prevent or modify those unwanted behaviours and create and reinforce the behaviours you want, for a better, easier and happier life together.

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We start with an Initial In-Depth Discovery Sesson to assess your dog's history and learn more about the behaviours that are annoying, embarrassing, frustrating or causing you concern.

We look for the underlying causes or motivations, find the best strategies and create a plan for behaviour change to make life better, easier and happier for the everyone. 

Sessions are either in-person or remote (online video link), depending on location and type of issues. We support and coach you through understanding and applying techniques to make the changes that moves you towards the life you dreamed of with your dog. In between sessions we chat and evaluate via WhatsApp.

Your dog is not "broken" so we can't "fix" them in this session. Significant behaviour change takes time, effort and commitment. You'll leave feeling more confident with some simple actionable steps to get started. We meet regularly to progress and move you closer to the life you dreamed of with your dog.

$180 Initial Assessment

$120 Follow up sessions

Trainer-Only sessions also available in some cases (see below).

For more info, book a Clarity Call


We start off with an initial In-Depth Discovery Session or build on the foundations from our Puppy Program.

Trainer-only sessions are designed to boost your training and help whilst you upskill. This takes some of the pressure off you - after all you're just as much a learner in this process as your pup!

To get the most benefit from trainer-only sessions, we recommend at least 2 x week with your dog and a coaching session with you every 2 -4 weeks. We can discuss the best option for your circumstances, experience and the training involved. 

This can be useful for challenges with loose leash walking, recall and leash reactivity. Some issues are not suited to this kind of trianing. 

We come to you and work on your training goals either at your home or take your dog to a suitable location. In between sessions we chat and give training feedback via WhatsApp.

Session times are minimum 1 hour.

For training off-site, we recommend a minimum of 1.5 hours to allow for travel time.

Only available to clients on Auckland's North Shore. 

Rates from $90

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Puppy's are like sponges - they soak up a lot of information and learn fast, whether we are intentionalty training them or not!

We offer a comprehensive puppy program to make the most of your puppy's first few months. We teach foundation behaviours and give you the skills to confidently build on what you've learnt.

You can also enquire about additional services to help with your puppy's training after the program finishes, you've completed puppy classes elsewhere, or if you have one or two specific focus areas that need work.

Find out more using the link below​.