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In-person dog training on Auckland's North Shore, city fringe and via video call

Leave your frustrations behind as we help you address frustrating or annoying behaviours like lead walking, recall, jumping up, barking, along with more complex behaviours such as leash reactivity, resource guarding and more.

You'll learn how to create and reinforce behaviours you want, for a better, easier and happier life together.
We use force-free, humane techniques, tools and a positive approach to prevent or modify unwanted behaviours.

Focused Dog by Reed  Shepherd


The first step on your journey is an initial Behaviour Discovery Consult, where you tell us about the challenges you're facing with your dog along with details about lifestyle and history. By the end of the first session you'll have a better understanding about what's going on, simple steps and strategies to get started and we'll develop a plan to move forward together.
The initial Behaviour Discovery Consult is done either in person or via video call, depending on the behaviour issues and your location.
$180 Initial Discovery Consult

Just like for humans, behaviour change takes time. After the initial consult, we'll recommend follow up sessions, where we coach and guide you and move closer to how you dreamed life would be with your dog.. Trainer-only sessions (see below) are suitable in some cases, to accelerate progress.

Between sessions you're supported online via WhatsApp messaging where you'll share videos of training with your dog.

$130 Casual Coaching Session
Contact us regarding package pricing for ongoing coaching/training

$795 One Month Training Program
Specific obedience/manners such as Leash Walking or Recall.
1 x Initial Consult
6 x Trainer-only Sessions
1 x Handover Coaching Session
Please contact us for reactivity or more complex behaviours.


Trainer-only sessions can be a great way to utilise an experienced and skilled trainer to fast-track your dog's learning and training. We come to you and train your dog at your home or a suitable location.
The first step is either a Behaviour Discovery Consult (see above) or recent completion of our Puppy Program. Most behaviours will require at least 2 - 3 sessions per week to see a real difference. We provide updates via WhatsApp and 1 - 2 handover coaching sessions with you each month to ensure you're learning and skills will keep your dog's training on track.

Leash walking, recall and leash reactivity are some challenges which can benefit from this training.

Available to clients on Auckland's North Shore (and city fringe  outside peak hours). Travel costs may apply for longer travel distances.

From $90 per hour 
Monthly Packages Available
Contact us re package pricing for ongoing trainer-only sessions supported with coaching sessions.

Recommended Sessions
2-3 x training sessions per week*
1-2 coaching sessions per month

*1 session per week may be available, however progress is likely to be slower unless your own commitment to training is high.

Where p
aid parking is the only or best option, this is on-charged. 

Leash Walking
Happy Puppy by Joe Caione


Puppy's are like sponges - they soak up a lot of information and learn fast, whether we are intentionalty training them or not!

We offer a comprehensive puppy program to make the most of your puppy's first few months. We teach foundation behaviours and give you the skills to confidently build on what you've learnt.

You can also enquire about additional services to help with your puppy's training after the program finishes or if you've completed puppy classes elsewhere and specific focus areas that you want to work on.

Find out more using the link below​.

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