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North Shore, Auckland City and virtual

Puppy problems, troublesome teens, adult antics, aggression and anxiety. It can feel overwhelming, frustrating, embarrassing or even scary when your dog won't listen or you're concerned about their behaviour.
Learn how to have a more fun, engaged, cooperative relationship, enjoy better walks, gain confidence to overcome challenges and deepen your connection with your dog.
Reach out for a chat to get started on your dog training journey and create a more balanced, happy life together.

Dog Training around distractions

Are you welcoming a new puppy into your home? Worried about how to "get it right" so you have a happy, well-behaved puppy? Is managing and training puppy is more challenging than expected? 

The first few months of puppy's life are a critical period where every day your puppy is discovering what works for them. It's also a learning curve for pet parents, as every dog has their own individual personality and traits. 

Building a trusting relationship using effective communication, foundation skills and socialisation, will set both you and your puppy up for success.

Dog Walking North Shore Auckland

Are you frustrated, embarrassed and wish you had a more obedient dog than your loveable but naughty rascal? Would you like your dog to walk nicely on leash, come when called and greet visitors or other dogs more politely?
Are some of your dog's behaviours feeling unsafe or scary? Do they seem unpredictable, aggressive towards other dogs or people or are guarding things around the home?
Do they seen anxious or fearful? 

Get support and guidance as you learn the skills to improve your relationship with your dog. Working together we create change that has a positive impact on your lives.

Cute Puppy


Distracted working from home, juggling commitments, need a break or worried your dog is alone? 
Many dogs prefer or benefit from one on one or small group settings for a range of reasons.

If meeting your dog's specific physical, mental, emotional and social needs is your priority, we offer  
individual or single household dog walks and limited small group walks on the North Shore and nearby Auckland City suburbs. 

Know your dog is in the capable hands of a professional, experienced and knowledgeable trainer who operates to high ethical standards.

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