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Get you and your puppy off to the right start. Learn how to bring out the best in your puppy, manage those annoying, frustrating puppy behaviours and teach them how to thrive in our homes.

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Foundation learning and skills to set you and your puppy up for an enjoyable life together.

From toileting, teething, treats and toys to training skills and techniques that puts everyone on the right track - best paw forward.

The first few months of puppy's life are a critical learning period. You can make a big difference to both you and your puppy's future by starting off on the right paw.


Leave your frustrations behind as we help you address those annoying behaviours such as leash walking, recall, jumping up, leash reactivity, resource guarding and more.

Coaching or trainer-only options available.


Fun, enriching. social adventures for Fido in parks, bush trails and beaches around Auckland's North Shore. 

We pickup, walk and drop off your dog, ensuring they are physically and mentally exercised with a small select group of compatible friends.

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